Alison Freeman, Ph.D.
Ca Lic#: PSY 10597
(310) 712-1200
For attorneys: assessment, testimony and expert report

Even though the American with Disabilities Act is over 20 years old, many agencies, public and private companies and organizations continue to violate deaf individuals’ rights for equal access to communication. When deaf and hard of hearing people cannot get an interpreter or communication accommodation, their ability to utilize medical, educational, legal, vocational and business services is greatly compromised as well as their psychological well being and ability to fully participate in their own affairs.  

As an expert, I have written numerous expert reports including a precedent setting expert opinion on the psychological impact of denial of communication access for several deaf patients against Northern California hospitals in 1995 and 1996.  Since then, I have worked with civil rights, employment and educational law attorneys representing deaf children, adolescents and adults in a variety of cases including denial of interpreter services, discrimination and inappropriate placements in educational, vocational and medical settings.  All the cases were settled before going to court.